Eulogy Sample - A Lighthearted Approach

Published: 14th October 2009
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With death comes grief and sadness that tears of sorrow are always shed during funerals. However, some people would reason that death is just a natural part of life and choose to have a service that focuses more on the life lived by the departed rather than the unfortunate even of his or her passing. This is especially the case when the deceased has been famous in his life to be a practical joker for example or someone who is always in a jolly mood. Family members would want to focus on this and choose to have the funeral done in a bit more celebratory manner. A lighthearted eulogy sample can be found in Margaret Marquisi's eulogy writing kit.

Once having chosen the appropriate eulogy sample for reference, one may start to list down the things that can be shared with humor and yet still retain the respect that is rightfully due to the dead. Sharing funny moments experienced while the person was still alive is a good place to start. Explaining an inside joke and how it came about can also be a good story. Whatever you decide to share, it is advisable to do it in a conversational and friendly tone to ensure that your speech is lighthearted yet still has a touch of solemnity.

A eulogy sample with a little bit of humor can be found appropriate for any member of the family, from one's parents and grandparents to aunts and cousins, in Eulogies Made Easy. Other eulogy writing styles are also available.

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