Tonsil Stones

Published: 13th October 2009
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Tonsil Stones ... What Are They and What To Do With Them

If you are an adult and you still have your tonsils, it is very likely that you have experienced coughing up small bits that are, in the most basic sense, stinky. But do not worry if you have actually seen these bits hiding inside the holes inside your tonsils. They are not dangerous to your health and there is definitely nothing wrong with you. Those bits are called tonsil stones, and chances are, the date, the partner, the boss or the friend you are shamefully hiding these stones from have them too.

The small, whitish or yellowish and foul-smelling stones are not harmful, but they can cause bad breath and discomfort in swallowing. People with tonsil stones may also feel a strange sensation in their throats. But what exactly are these stones made of? The stones are formed from food particles, sulfur-producing bacteria and post nasal drip, so you can imagine just how putrid the stones smell. Sulfur-producing bacteria can also be found on the tongue's surface and is the primary cause of the stones' bad smell.

If you want to get tonsil stones out of your life forever, you can opt to have surgery and get your tonsils permanently removed. But for people who are busy and have little time for anything else but work and family, surgery may not be the best option. However, there are practical ways to remove the stones. A good, clean Q-tip, handled by a deft hand can get rid of stones in no time. There are many internet sites that can help you get rid of those annoying little stones.

Tonsil stones are made up of a deadly (meaning extremely foul-smelling) combination of food bits, dead cells from the lining of the mouth and bacteria. Traces of keratin, a type of protein that is also found in fingernails and hair, can also be found in the stones. The stones get bigger over time until such a point when it is swallowed or coughed up. It is very common, but it is usually kept a secret since it is a pretty embarrassing situation to share.

Tonsil stones are small, irregularly-shaped, off-white or yellowish chunk which is stuck inside tonsillar holes and are eventually coughed up or swallowed. The presence of these stone creates the strange sensation of having a foreign particle lodged at the back of the throat. This can cause discomfort in swallowing. These stones are relatively harmless but they usually cause halitosis or bad breath. A tonsil stone smells greatly revolting thanks to anaerobic bacteria which are found inside the mouth, especially in the surface of the tongue.

Good oral hygiene can only do so much to prevent the development of tonsil stones. Mouth hygiene can slow down the process of stone formation and reduce bad breath it does not solve the problem. But you can easily remove a tonsil stone in the privacy of your home. A Q-tip can do the trick for most people. However, random and forceful poking of the tonsils can create more serious problems. So it is important to consult materials that can help you get rid of those nasty stones. The Internet is rich in tonsil stone-related information. Try checking out the many sites online for more solutions.

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