Tonsilloliths 101 - Quick Relief For Tonsilloliths

Published: 13th October 2009
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Tonsilloliths, or also commonly known as tonsil stones, are unpleasant whitish or yellowish coloured, foul smelling bumps on your tonsils. They spring from the accumulation of sulfur manufacturing bacteria, food particles, post nasal drip, overactive salivary glands, mucous and other mouth waste that build up and lodge close to the throat. There are some people that confuse this difficulty with tonsillitis.

Tonsillitis is an infection of the tonsils that may either be caused by a bacterial or by a viral infection. Penicillin is one of the most common prescribed antibiotics. [**] there are some natural treatments that will reduce the pain and redness.
Tonsilloliths can be handled in the comfort of your house. Gargle with saltwater every morning and every after meal, use an antibacterial non alcohol based mouthwash, wash your mouth with water after drinking and eating, and brush your teeth and scrape your tongue regularly. These evil chunks are not contagious and can not be transferred to another person even if kissing or coughing them up. Nevertheles it is possible that you pass the bacteria that might agree on someone else.
Paying a regular visit to a dentist, practicing good oral cleanliness and doing your own self diagnosis are the best things you can ever do to terminate tonsilloliths and hinder them from coming back.

Tonsilloliths or also referred to as tonsil stones or tonsil rocks are formed by deposits of mucous, sulfur producing bacteria, food particles, dead white blood cells, post nasal drip, and other waste in the mouth which gather in the tonsils. While they're irritating and cause halitosis, they are not necessarily dangerous. There are nonsurgical and surgical methods.

It is a dental water jet syringe that wash off food particles from between teeth. To get rid of the tonsilloliths, you want to employ a Waterpik tough enough to fire or power them out. Other natural choices include gargling with salt and water every morning and every after meal, using an antibacterial non alcohol based mouthwash, sucking them out with the use of a cotton swab, curved medication dropper, q-tip or toothpick, rinsing your mouth after eating and drinking, fast brushing down the throat, and many more. A tonsillectomy is a surgical procedure used to completely remove the tonsils. It is a well-liked treatment to prevent sore throats and a number of other throat related issues from reoccurring.


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